Quadrant Launches Nylatron® 66 SA FST at Paris Air Show 2015


Hall 5, Booth E 247, Paris Air Show 2015, Le Bourget, Paris/France

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products is excited to announce the launch of its latest thermoplastic product, Nylatron® 66 SA FST. The new material will be showcased at this year’s Paris Air Show, 15-21 June 2015 in Paris, France. Part of Quadrant’s broad portfolio of products and solutions for the Aerospace industry, Nylatron® 66 SA FST is the first of its kind, high quality polyamide material, designed specifically for aircraft interior applications to withstand extreme temperatures. The material has passed tests to comply with Federal Aviation Regulations FAR 25.853 – the first engineering plastic shape to achieve this standard. It enables engineers to manufacture various components where robust and reliable material qualities are essential for safety and integrity of the aircraft.

Aircraft design and engineering has become increasingly complex, with a close focus on safety and reliability. Aerospace construction managers require light and flexible materials to withstand high temperatures and pressures, as well as maintain their robustness throughout long periods of use. Nylatron® 66 SA FST addresses the needs for durable and fire retardant plastic materials. It also offers wear-resistance and low moisture absorption, which contributes to its long-lasting functionality.

The unique features of Nylatron® 66 SA FST make it the first engineering plastic product of its kind available as semi-finished shapes (rods and sheets). Fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) retardant capabilities enable it to resist extreme temperatures up to 175ºC. The material is particularly suitable for any kind of application in aircraft interiors where metal parts (e. g. brackets, seal bushings, slide rails and duct seals) or high performance polymers have traditionally been specified.

Frank Johänning, Global Market Manager for Aerospace at Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products comments: “Aerospace is a key strategic market for Quadrant. To demonstrate our commitment to offer material innovations to the Aerospace industry, Quadrant has launched Nylatron® 66 SA FST. We have carried out stringent testing and it has proven a highly reliable and robust material, crucial for ensuring the components are safe to use in aircraft construction. This launch marks our approach to offer high-performance functional materials with no compromise on quality and durability. Our industry expertise enables us to innovate and offer the products that address the needs of the aerospace market, as well as comply with recognized standards and regulations. We look forward to presenting Nylatron® 66 SA FST at the Paris Air Show as an industry-first material for aircraft interior applications.”

Quadrant’s materials are accredited to stringent certifications and approvals, such as AS9100C, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OEM approvals and JAR/FAR 25.853. Added to this, Quadrant combines extensive engineering expertise and in-depth application knowledge across a wide range of components in bearing, wear and gear functions for key aircraft sub-assemblies, including interiors, propulsion, systems and structures.

Visitors to the event can meet the Quadrant team and find out more about the company’s solutions for the Aerospace industry. Quadrant’s products and services are available through a worldwide network of branch offices, technical support centres and authorised dealers.



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