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To further assist you in choosing the correct product for your application, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials makes available the following pieces of literature:

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Products and Applications Guide
This full color, 44 page booklet profiles the broadest and most progressive line of plastic machining stock available anywhere in the world. Physical property data and applications are reviewed for a range of machinable materials from nylon (PA) up through Celazole (PBI). This guide includes information about materials like Nylatron® GSM and NSM, Acetron® GP, Ertalyte® PET-P and TX, Fluorosint®, Torlon®, Duratron®, Techtron® PPS and the whole Semitron® ESd line of static dissipative materials. If you design equipment or want the latest information about machinable plastics, you need this guide.

 Products and Applications Guide - A guide to selection and performance of Polyolefin materials
This full color brochure is an in-depth guide to the broad line of Polyolefin materials and their diverse applications from cutting boards to wear resistant bearing materials.  Physical property data and applications are reviewed for a range of world renowned materials such as Sanalite®, Proteus® and the TIVAR® family of products.   If you are looking for an alternative to nylon our Polyolefin line offers FDA compliant, UV resistant and electrically conductive materials for a diverse field of applications. 

Design and Fabrication Reference Guide 
This 44 page booklet is the best resource available for machinable plastic fabrication information. Design engineers and cutting edge fabricators have relied on Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials's technical resources for decades. This all new guide profiles the meaning of physical property testing, bearing, sheave and roller design, as well as a comprehensive gear design worksheet. Charts summarizing tool geometries and speeds are provided for all of Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials's materials.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Global Business Profile
Our best successes come from close working relationships with our customers - but not just on solving application problems with our materials' properties. The more we understand about what's important to your company, what it takes to compete, what determines your success and value with your customers, the better we can apply the right services and product technology for machined components for your equipment.

QuickSilver® Truck Liners Brochure
QuickSilver high performance dump truck liners are designed to clean-out and clean-up of some of the toughest materials including hot asphalt in the very worst conditions. From winter freeze to summer heat, QuickSilver truck liners release sticky materials, meaning faster load release, less equipment damage, reduced chance of tip-over, less wear on hoists, minimal clean-up and reduced downtime. On-road, off-road or heavy equipment, we've got a QuickSilver liner for you.

Advanced Engineering for Chemical Processing Equipment - A guide to materials that meet the need for increased efficiency and greater up time.
Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials has a proven and growing portfolio of engineering materials for components that can face the challenges in pump, valve and rotating equipment.  Reduced weight and power requirements, chemical exposure, increased meantime between rebuild, dimensional stability and temperature capability all have an effect on equipment productivity.  This guide helps simplify the material selection challenge by grouping materials by their application area, chemical service, temperature capability and relative cost.

Advanced Engineering Plastics for Life Sciences Applications - A broad range of materials that offer design flexibility and speed development.
This brochure showcases Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials's Life Science Grade materials designed specifically for Medical, Pharmaceautical and Biotechnology applications.  It includes comparative data in chemical, sterilization and radiation environments to simplify the decision making process.  The key benefits of our Life Science Grades are their performance, biocompatibility, full traceability, global availability and quality assurance.

Engineering Plastics for Food Processing and Packaging Equipment - A guide to materials that meet the industry's need for more and faster production.
Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials's specialized food brochure is 19 informative pages highlighting our wide array of FDA, 3A Dairy and USDA compliant materials.  Proteus, Polypropylene, TIVAR 1000, Acetron GP, Nylatron, MC 907, Ketron 1000 PEEK and Ertalyte are all described in detail.  Case studies, application information and physical property data is depicted for a broad range of materials where temperature, chemical resistance, dimensional stability and wear resistance are compared in an easy to understand and differentiate format.


***NEW*** Fluorosint® PTFE Family of Advanced Materials
Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials developed the Fluorosint range of enhanced PTFE materials to fill the performance gaps where unfilled and low-tech, filled PTFE based polymers under perform.  Each Fluorosint grade was specifically developed to excel in demanding bearing and seal applications.  While each posses the chemical resistance and compliance of PTFE, individual they boast special benefits that give the designer clear performance advantages.  This guide is an outstanding tool for learning more about Fluorosint and how to determine the right grade for your application.

Advanced Engineering Plastics for Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing Equipment - A guide to materials that boost productivity, consistence and quality.
More parts, fewer defects and lower product cost per unit are some of the challenges for semicon engineering teams.  There are new choices for these new challenges.  This guide is designed to help you find the new material solution needed for today's demand for higher productivity.


Duratron® PAI Family of Advanced Materials







Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Machinists Handbook





TIVAR® 88 High Performance Lining Solutions Engineering Case Book






To further assist you in choosing the correct product for your application, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Engineering Plastics makes available the following pieces of literature:

Abradable Polymers for Labyrinth Seals 

Acetron® Family of Advanced Materials Flyer

Acetron® MD Product Flyer

Armor-X® Protects Equipment, Flooring Flyer
Protect equipment and surfaces with Armor-X. Armor-X's non-marring, cushioned surface shields critical surfaces and heavy, expensive parts and equipment, including stainless steel, from gouges and scratches. From work surfaces to flooring, Armor-X helps protect your investment.

Compressor and Pump Flyer

Diffuser and Shroud Flyer

Drilling and Production Flyer

Duratron® D7000 PI Product Flyer

Duratron® Family of Advanced Materials Flyer

Ertalyte® Family of Advanced Materials Flyer

Ertalyte® TX Product Flyer

Fixed Tooth Polymer Labyrinth Seals

Fluorosint® 135 Application Flyer

Fluorosint® 135 Product Flyer

Fluorosint® Family of Advanced Materials Flyer

Ketron® Family of Advanced Materials Flyer

Ketron® 1000 IM PEEK Product Flyer

Near Net Shapes Flyer

Nylatron® Family of Advanced Materials Flyer

Nylatron® GSM Blue PA6

Nylatron® GSM PA6

Nylatron® MC 901 PA6

Nylatron® NSM PA6

Proteus® LSG HS PP Product Flyer

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials LSG PPSU Product Flyer

Semitron® Family of Advanced Materials Flyer

Semitron® MDS100 Product Flyer

Semitron® MP370 Product Flyer

Semitron® MPR1000 Product Flyer

Techtron® Family of Advanced Materials Flyer

Techtron® HPV PPS Product Flyer

TIVAR® 88 & 88-2 Linings Flyer

TIVAR® 88 Fastening Systems Flyer

TIVAR® 88 w/Burnguard Product Flyer

TIVAR® 88-2 Product Flyer

TIVAR® Ceram P Handles Intense Sliding Abrasion Applications Flyer
Reduce maintenance down time, extend equipment service life and reduce replacement part cost with TIVAR Ceram P from Poly Hi Solidur. Developed for severe service conditions, TIVAR Ceram P outwears and outperforms other materials in highly abrasive industrial environments.

TIVAR® CleanStat Product Flyer

TIVAR® Dockguard Product Flyer

TIVAR® Dryslide Product Flyer

TIVAR® Family of Advanced Materials Flyer

TIVAR® H.O.T. Flyer
Developed specifically to excel in chemical and thermocycling environments with temperatures ranging up to 275 F, TIVAR H.O.T is fast becoming the material of choice for baking, food processing & packaging, conveyor manufacturing, grain processing and many other major industries.

Valve Seats, Seals, Thrust Washers, and Bushing Flyer

Data Sheets

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    SDS NumberProduct Identification
    800Acetron GP
    807Acetron GP, Black
    808Acetron® Food Grade Blue 50 POM-C
    902Acetron LSG
    802Acetron MD
    801Acetron POM-H
    1001Acetron Products
    901Acetron Products, Natural and Black
    36Black Homopolymer Polypropylene
    29Co-polymer Polypropylene
    1000Delrin AF, AF Blend, 588 AF
    900Delrin Products
    1501Duratron (Ultem), Glass Reinforced
    1500Duratron (Ultem), Natural
    2655Duratron 7000, Duratron 7015G, Duratron 7040G
    2700Duratron CU60 PBI (Celazole)
    2101Duratron PPSU (Radel R)
    1800Duratron T4203 PAI (Torlon 4203)
    1802Duratron T4275 PAI (Torlon 4275)
    1801Duratron T4301 PAI (Torlon 4301)
    1811Duratron T4435 PAI (Torlon 4435)
    1810Duratron T4501 PAI (Torlon 4501)
    1808Duratron T4503 PAI (Torlon 4503)
    1807Duratron T4540 PAI (Torlon 4540)
    1803Duratron T5030 PAI (Torlon 4XG)
    1804Duratron T5530 PAI (Torlon 5530)
    1806Duratron T7130 PAI (Torlon 4XCF)
    1809Duratron T7530 PAI (Torlon 7530)
    500Ertalon LFX
    1100Ertalyte PET-P, Natural and Black
    1101Ertalyte TX
    1400Fluorosint 207
    1401Fluorosint 500
    1407Fluorosint HPV
    1603Ketron CA30 PEEK, Ketron CM HPV PEEK and Ketron CM 1030 HT
    1655Ketron CC LSG PEEK
    1601Ketron CM 1331 HT
    1602Ketron GF30 PEEK and Ketron CM GF30 Peek
    1604Ketron HPV PEEK, Ketron CM HPV PEEK and Ketron 1331 PEEK
    1600Ketron PEEK 1000
    1652Ketron PEEK CA-30 LSG
    1651Ketron PEEK GF-30 LSG
    1653Ketron PEEK LSG
    1654Ketron PEEK CLASSIX LSG 
    17Linear High Density Polyethylene - Sanalite
    21Natural Homopolymer Polypropylene - Sanalite
    1704NORYL 265
    1706NORYL 701
    1705NORYL 780
    702Nylatron 6XAU
    405Nylatron GB
    101Nylatron GF30
    200Nylatron GS
    201Nylatron GS-HS (heat stabilized)
    400Nylatron GSM and GSM-P
    401Nylatron GSM, Blue
    710Nylatron LIG
    701Nylatron MC 703 XL
    301Nylatron MC-903 Blue
    306Nylatron MC-907 Black
    307Nylatron MC-907 Yellow
    305Nylatron MC-907-HS (heat stabilized), Black
    102Nylatron MD
    700Nylatron NSM
    302Nylatron MC 907 Natural and Nylatron LFG
    300Nylatron MC-901 Blue
    304Nylatron MC-904 Blue & Nylatron MC-904-P Blue
    1102PBT, Natural and Black
    23Proteus White Homopolymer
    1703Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials BG PPS
    1605Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials GF 40 PPS
    19Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials LDPE
    100Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Nylon 101
    2003Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Nylon Type 11
    1900Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials PC 1000 Polycarbonate
    1504Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials R5500 XL LSG PPSU
    2004Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Nylon Type 12
    2000Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Nylon Type 6
    2002Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Nylon Type 6/12
    2800Semitron CMP LL5
    2801Semitron CMP, XL-20
    804Semitron ESd 225
    1103Semitron ESd 300 PET
    1502Semitron ESD 410C
    2150Semitron ESd 420 and Semitron ESd 420V
    1607Semitron ESd 480
    1403Semitron ESd 500
    1805Semitron ESd 520HR
    1404Semitron MDS 100
    1405Semitron MP370
    1402Synthetic Mica
    1701Techtron HPV
    1700Techtron PPS
    1702Techtron PPS SM
    6TIVAR 88
    32TIVAR 88 Anti Static
    5TIVAR 88-2
    33TIVAR 88-2 Anti Static
    2TIVAR Anti-Static, Tivar Black
    47TIVAR Burnguard
    9TIVAR Ceram P
    10TIVAR DrySlide
    41TIVAR H.O.T.
    66TIVAR MD
    24TIVAR Moly-filled
    13TIVAR Oil Filled
    14TIVAR Polysteel
    15TIVAR QuickSilver
    26TIVAR QuickSilver HD
    42TIVAR Superplus
    34TIVAR XL
    1TIVAR 1000
    2100Udel Polysulfone, Unfilled
    1606XCRD PEEK

    Video Center

    TIVAR® DrySlide in Action

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    Quadrant TIVAR® Dryslide vs. Polished Mild Steel Surface

    QuickSilver® Truck Liners

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    QuickSilver® high performance dump truck liners are designed to clean-out and clean-up of some of the toughest materials including hot asphalt in the very worst conditions.

    TIVAR® 88 Linings in Action

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    Improves the Productivity & Safety of Hopper, Bin, and Bulk Material Handling Operations. Real "Before" and "After" shot by one of our customers.

    Machining Tips - Drilling & Tapping

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    Maching Quadrant's Advanced Materials : Drilling & Tapping