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Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Engineering Plastic Products

You inspire...we materialize

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials history: The first plastic materials for machining.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials today: Now the broadest range of materials for the most cost-effective choices.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials tomorrow: New products for new needs, from the industry's only global product and application development team. For over 60 years, the companies that now form Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials have been developing new materials to meet the everchanging demands of our customers around the world. The innovative, collaborative spirit between our people and our customers has shaped our success and led to the industry's broadest range of engineering plastics for machining. Our investment in innovation will only increase in the years ahead, to support your requirements for higher levels of performance, productivity and value.


Technical support from concept through production.

Application and production support when and where you need it. 
Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials's technical support team works with engineers and machinists from material selection through machining, for optimum performance, productivity and cost.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials locations around the world offer an experienced technical team and the most comprehensive testing laboratories in the industry. You can count on reliable support at every phase of your project:

  • Evaluation of performance needs and application environment
  • Material selection - including selection software
  • Material certifications
  • Regulatory agency compliance
  • Set-up and production recommendations from experienced machinists
  • A wide range of material selection, design and fabrication guides and tools - all available on the Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Engineering Plastic Products website, www.quadrantplastics.com

Quality systems that ensure consistency.

From full lot traceability to ISO certifications, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials meets your requirements for consistent quality, performance and machinability.

As the first to line mark shapes materials, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials set the standard for traceability on our products right back to the resin lot and production shift.We have also kept pace with industry standards and quality systems to comply with the needs of the industries that your company also serves. It is the inspiration behind our drive to provide the best levels of support for our materials in your applications. Count on Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials.