TIVAR Ultra Slide

TIVAR ® Ultra slide -SL (US-SL) UHMW- PE is a ultra high molecular weight polyethylene obtained by significantly reducing the coefficient of friction, high performance materials further improving the sliding characteristics of the conventional ultra slide -W.


  1. Sliding property
  2. Low friction coefficient


  • Various parts of food production line and food transport system
  • Functional parts such as elevators and escalators
  • Sliding parts for general industrial machinery


  1. Use on the human body is prohibited.
  2. Because UHMW-PE belongs to the specified flammable materials, it should be stored and managed in accordance with the Fire Service Law and fire prevention regulations.


  1. Keeping the board upright will cause a “sledge”, so be sure to place it flat.
  2. Because it is a very slippery material, there is a risk of slipping over if you ride on the product.

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