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Precision Machined Components

Machining plastic is an art. Product designers are looking for ways to replace machined metal parts with plastic parts. Our fully equipped temperature controlled technology centre produces MACHINED PLASTIC PARTS and custom plastic parts across a wide range of applications.  Our trained staff is qualified to work across the whole spectrum of engineering thermoplastics. Plastic machining offers an alternative to traditional steel, phosphor bronze, aluminium and stainless steel parts to improve machine and production performance. Plastic machined parts are light-weight and used where chemical resistance, electrical resistance, quietness or extreme wear resistance is required.


  • Plastic machining has grown tremendously over the past two decades replacing traditional materials such as metal, glass and ceramic, due to factors such as cost and wear;
  • Lathe machining is an economical way to produce prototypes, test samples or small volume, short-run parts;
  • Larger volume requirements are efficiently produced on our fast CNC lathes;
  • Having our own machining capabilities means increased control over our quality and production;
  • We specialise in machining plastics into products with complex geometries and tight tolerances.

INDUSTRIAL PLASTICS are increasingly being used to replace other materials like bronze, stainless steel, aluminium and ceramics. Reasons for these include:

  • Parts & components last longer;
  • Lightweight compared to steel;
  • Elimination of lubrication;
  • Reduced wear on machining parts;
  • Lower density and hence lower inertia forces;
  • Better mechanical dampening (less noise);
  • Faster operation of equipment (higher line speeds);
  • Less power needed to run equipment;
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance and inertness.

Typical applications for engineering plastics, range from electrical insulation components to heavy duty wear parts, food processing and packaging industry components.

More than 50 machinable plastics are available for the manufacture of these components, replacing traditional materials such as bronze, stainless steel and aluminium.


The advantages are superior wear life, saving in weight and reduced noise.


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