Bead & Crevice Free Machines

The BCF Jointing System provides beadless, crevice-free joints for GEORGE FISCHER'S PVDF and polypropylene natural piping system in sizes 20mm (½") through 63mm (2").

Achieve unsurpassed fusion weld quality:

  • No beads;
  • No crevices;
  • No transitions;
  • No dead legs and no microorganic deposits;
  • Very high fusion weld stability;
  • Very little stress in the fusion zone, therefore less prone to stress cracking corrosion;
  • Dimensions d20–d63 mm.


Used where there is extreme concern about the presence of small beads or crevices in the piping system: Ultrapure and Hot Ultrapure Water are the lifeblood of semiconductor and photovoltaic equipment processing. SYGEF® Plus systems out of PVDF high purity material with the corresponding IR Plus® fusion technology offers the industrial benchmark solution. Pure water of WFI (water for injection) also requires the light purity piping system as offered by the Bead and Crevice Free system.

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