Kyron® BP

The Kyron materials portfolio contains nearly any base resin for stiffness, heat resistance, or dimensional tolerances. Kyron compounds that are based on high temperature resins excel in demanding high heat and chemical environments. Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials - Engineered Solutions uses a broad range of resins for their Kyron products.

  • Tensile strength to weight ratio - Higher than steel.
  • Weight - Almost 75% lighter than steel and almost 40% lighter than aluminum.
  • Higher product performance due to better knit line strength  - Lower filler levels reduce the knit line effect and increase the strength of the molded part.
  • Better "practical toughness" due to lower filler loadings  - Lower filler content increases the material's elongation at yield which results in the ability for the part to yield and not fracture.
  • Lower filler loadings than traditional thermoplastic compounds  - Lower filler levels promote
  • a larger processing window and reduce weight.

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