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Biodegradable / Dissolvable Frac Plug Components

Kyron™ BP Resin - The Ideal Choice for Hydraulic Fracturing

Kyron™ BP is a biodegradable polymer that offers much higher mechanical strength than other traditional polymers like PEEK and nylon. The unique mechanical properties of BP coupled with the advanced polymer processing and machining technologies developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials – Engineered Solutions results in cost effective dissolve components for your designs.

Kyron™ BP Resin in the Oil & Gas Industry

The time and cost associated with well completion has increased in association with number of stages now being used in hydraulic fracturing. Kyron™ BP resin is designed to eliminate the time consuming milling-out process of downhole tools for multistage fracturing after use.

Kyron™ BP resin is used in the hydraulic fracturing process of shale reservoirs because of its ability to with stand extreme environments and is the material of choice for components of degradable downhole tools including frac plugs, and other downhole complements

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What is in it for you

  • Offer higher mechanical strengths than PEEK or nylon
  • Dissolve at predictable rates in the presence of down hole conditions
  • Easily machined into complex shapes and sizes
  • Save money by eliminating drill-outs
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