Symalit® ECTFE

Product Overview

  • High purity
  • Color Consistency
  • Excellent chemical resistance to solvents, strong acids and bases
  • High-Quality Masked Surface
  • Flame resistant
  • Excellent impact strength
  • USP Class VI, UL94 V-0
  • Resin certified to FM 4910 Shapes certification to FM 4910 pending
  • Tolerances in accordance to ASTM D6713-01

Product Details

Symalit ECTFE (ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene) Manufactured from Halar resin, this material offers excellent corrosion and chemical resistance, particularly at elevated temperatures and in strong basic chemistries.

Symalit ECTFE offers a broad range of physical, mechanical, and flame resistant properties. It provides an excellent combination of properties designed to meet the standards of FM 4910 which governs the materials of construction for cleanroom equipment. The result is that this fluoroplastic continues to be a long-term choice for safety and protection in fire-safe systems.