Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials - Engineered Solutions Kyron engineered polymers bring unparalleled performance to critical components in the energy industry where success is the only option. These compounds replace metals and other materials in a wide variety of fluid engineering, bearing and cable covering applications in the downhole, hydropower and nuclear industries. With its outstanding mechanical properties, chemical resistance and excellent processability, it is ideal for components functioning in highly aggressive environments. Kyron compounds can withstand extreme pressures, continuously operate at extreme temperatures and deliver enhanced performance that results in longer service life and reduced downtime.

Kyron® BP Product Spotlight
Kyron® BP resin is used in the hydraulic fracturing process of shales reservoirs because of its ability to withstand extreme environments and can eliminate time consuming milling-out process of downhole tools for multistage fracturing after use.  The resin offers higher mechanical strengths than PEEK or nylon and is designed to degrade within 180-350°F environments.  Typical applications for Kyron® BP resin include frac plugs and downhole components.


APPLICATION STORY: Composite Frac Plug Slips

An oil and gas well completions company involved in hydraulic fracturing (fracking) came to Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials - Engineered Solutions to develop a composite frac plug slip that reduced mill-out times associated with standard metallic frac plug slips.

Design Requirements

  • Cost effective molded and machined solutions
  • Robust composite frac plug slips with actual 50,000 tensile strength significantly reduced mill out time and debris
  • Slips validated through FEA and correlated via simulated testing
  • Mill time reduced by 40% compared to metal designs

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials - Engineered Solutions Delivered
KyronMAX S-9230 PEEK polymer based metal replacement compound tailored for performance - high tensile and compressive strength, impact resistance.

APPLICATION STORY: Compressor Valve Plates

Design Requirements

  • Improved fatigue resistance and  toughness
  • OD sizes from 3” to 16” (7.6 cm to 40.6 cm)
  • Blanks offered in ground or unground finishes
  • Finished components available
  • Tight tolerance flatness and stress-free

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials - Engineered Solutions Delivered
Kyron PEEK-based compound improved the performance of the valve plates due to its unique balance of physical, thermal, and chemical resistance properties.

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