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Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products Achieves Demanding NORSOK M-710 Compliance measures for PEEK Stock Shapes


Material tests conducted under the most severe ageing test conditions (elevated H2S levels)

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products, the global leader of machinable plastics, has achieved NORSOK M-710 compliance for its Ketron® 1000 PEEK (natural) injection molded and extruded stock shapes. The engineering plastics manufacturer is the first in its industry to receive the certification under the most severe sour multiphase fluid ageing test environment with the highest H2S levels.

The accomplishment highlights Ketron 1000 PEEK’s suitability as an attractive, high strength alternative to fluoropolymers. It will also support improvements to environmental and workplace safety in the Oil and Gas industries through material parts that maintain high-level performance and restrict the potential for accidents by enabling safer application.

The NORSOK standards were developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry to ensure safety, add value and to improve cost effectiveness of the industry’s developments and operations. Standard M-710 defines requirements for critical non-metallic sealing, seat and back up materials for permanent use subsea. The standard also applies to topside valves in critical gas systems.

During the qualification process, Quadrant subjected its Ketron 1000 PEEK stock shapes to the toughest testing procedure – sour multiphase fluid ageing, high H2S levels – to simulate environments found in oil and gas production. This method for predicting the progressive degradation of thermoplastic materials exposed to sour fluid at elevated temperature and pressure is three times more severe than the valid standard sour aging test for plastics. The standard test results in a 0.6% H2S environment, whereas the test followed by Quadrant results in a 2% H2S environment. The new higher measures raising the industry’s test threshold are not yet compulsory.

The Ketron PEEK material line’s advanced properties of chemical and abrasion resistance combined with high temperature rating and strength make it an ideal choice where performance and reliability is required in extreme and hostile environments. It is already highly-valued by design engineers for use in aircraft through to oil field drilling, in the form of structural parts, bushings, bearings, seals and back-up rings.

Within oil and gas production, Ketron 1000 PEEK natural stock shapes are designed for extrusion and injection molded tubes, plates and rods for applications including well completion, Christmas trees, control systems and valves.

According to Frank Olmos, Global Market Segment Manager Chemical Processing Industry, Quadrant EPP: “Ketron 1000 PEEK sets the new industry standard for performance in extreme environments and achieving NORSOK compliance allows us to better serve our customers’ needs in the Oil & Gas industries. Our PEEK product innovations reinforce Quadrant's commitment toward continued technological advancement and improved cost effectiveness in the petroleum industry for research, development and operations.”

Ketron is a registered trademark of the Quadrant Group.

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