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Improve Safety and Efficiency with our Advanced Food Safe Plastics

Our detectable, food compliant materials and wear-resistant parts represent a significant leap forward in food processing.

From intake to handling to storing to packing, these high-performance engineering plastics will drive a wealth of benefits across all food production areas, improving sustainability, quality as well as unlocking a whole new set of opportunities. 


The world’s broadest portfolio of plastics approved for food contact

At Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, you’ll find what you are looking for. No one else has such a wide selection of industry-leading products and the expert advice to go along with it.

VMX Portfolio (Visual, Metal, X-Ray Detection)

On top of this, our VMX (Visual, Metal, X-Ray) product range brings three-way detectability and food compliance – all made from one blue material that will visibly enhance your food processing capabilities. 

Ensure safety throughout

Our food-grade compliant, advanced engineered materials enable a higher degree of traceability and automation – minimizing the risk of foreign object contamination recalls and brand damage. 

Our safety features include:

  • FDA and EU compliant polymers applicable to Food, Pharma, and Medical industries
  • Cleaning-In-Place (CIP), Sanitize-In-Place (SIP) and chemical resistance

Increase efficiency

Our advanced plastics outlast metal. With less noise, wear, lubrication and energy consumption, you can improve production and cost efficiencies and throughput (MTBR) with our robust plastic-on-plastic/plastic-on-metal engineered components.

Discover a raft of advantages:

  • Stock shape materials, as well as finished parts solutions and critical parts
  • Light-weight parts (1/7th the weight of metals)
  • Self-lubricating materials allow for cleaner parts and operations, help to reduce pollutants in water systems, and reduce overall maintenance time
  • High-temperature and cleaning agents/chemicals resistance plastics
  • Minimal wear even at higher loads and line speeds
  • Noise reduction from metal-on-metal wear
  • Electrical/thermal insulation

A partner you can trust

Our experts have decades of experience between them. From prototype to production, we’ll help you choose the right materials, technologies and processes to transform and upgrade your historical components – all supported by pioneering technology. 

Our services include:

  • Development from concept to functional part
  • Industry-leading expertise
  • Solutions that may reduce the overall cost of processing in the long term
  • Rapid prototyping service to test and scale production (SPRINT)
  • Simple and fast ordering process 
  • Near Net Shape capabilities

Want to know more about our industry-leading technology?

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The VMX Portfolio

Using just one polymer material, VMX brings three-way detectability and food compliance to enhance your food processing capabilities.

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Food Compliance

See how we can help you ensure compliance (plastics approved for food contact differ by region and application). 


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Food Grade Products

Discover more than 30 materials that comply with EU 10/2011 and FDA guidelines. Manufactured as per GMP standards.

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Design and Fabrication

We’ll help you select the right high-performance material so you can design your food safe machine component.


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Regulatory Requirements in Food Processing Industry

 On-demand webinars:

FDA | EU | China


Webinar duration: 30 min

Product News

Discover one of our blue Food Grade materials that ares compliant in both NA and EU.

Acetron® Food Grade
Blue 50 POM-C

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Blue 50 POM-C

Product Data Sheets

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