Single-Use Devices

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials can also serve larger volume disposable projects via its injection molding capabilities and offers custom parts with individual project consulting. Key specific strengths in this domain are the product development know-how which Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials can deliver during the development process; as well as its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities up to cleanroom class 100.000 and high degree of automation and automated quality assurance.

Hospitals, physicians, medical labs and research facilities across the globe are working with an ever-increasing number of plastic instruments and devices. Production of these devices, according to all stringent quality and hygienic requirements, requires specific technical knowledge and ability.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials manufactures injection-moulded optical parts, disposable products, home diagnostics and health-care products, amongst others.

Examples of Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials' injection molded products:

                    Cuvettes                                            Filters                                         Optical Cuvettes