MC Nylon

MC801 (weatherability grade)


  1. Weatherability
  2. Friction and wear resistance


  • Various parts of construction machinery and machines used outdoors
  • Sheave, slide plate, bearing


  1. The black skin (skin layer) around the outside of the MC801 pipe conducts because of the filler, so be sure to remove the black skin when insulation is required.
  2. In order to comply with the Food Sanitation Law, use it after immersing in boiling water for 1.5 hours.


  1. Nylon absorbs water and increases its dimensions. When designing, please refer to “Physical Properties 1.4 Water Absorption” (p6-7) in our “ MC Nylon Technical Data ”.
  2. When storing MC nylon processed products for a long period of time, be careful of dimensional changes due to water absorption.